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The Reserve

Beyond velvet ropes. The Reserve: Elevate your nightlife.

The Reserve

The Reserve: Where the spotlight shifts from courtside to dance floor.

Forget the roar of the crowd, let the beat become your anthem. The Reserve, tucked away just steps from the arena on 650 S Spring St., Los Angeles, CA, isn't just an after-party, it's a whole new game.

Step off the bustling Spring Street and into a hidden world of speakeasy glamour. The 1920s bank vault facade whispers of forgotten fortunes, while inside, opulent velvet booths and glittering chandeliers beckon you into a bygone era reborn. This isn't just a nightclub, it's a playground for the discerning, a canvas for unforgettable memories.

Imagine, instead of the court lights, you're bathed in the glow of crystal constellations overhead. The electric energy of the game morphs into the pulse of curated beats, every note igniting the dance floor with forbidden revelry. Sip on handcrafted cocktails, potent elixirs that whisper of secrets and stolen kisses, each taste a journey through a forgotten speakeasy past.

But The Reserve isn't just about chasing the night. It's about crafting your own story. Intimate alcoves behind heavy curtains become sanctuaries for whispered conversations and shared laughter. Live jazz paints the air with soul, while talented DJs weave electrifying sets that transform the vault into a kaleidoscope of movement.

So, whether you're a courtside champion or a champion of the night, The Reserve awaits. Dress to impress, let the rhythm guide your steps, and prepare to be swept away into a world where past and present collide in an intoxicating modern dance. Remember, the arena may hold the roar of the crowd, but The Reserve holds the secrets of the night.

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I love love love the music, is so cool they have 2 stages with 2 different music in one same night club, Reggaeton and rhythms latinos and Hip hop in the other side, the personal at the door is super friendly and everyone that works there, I had such a great time with my friends and we will be there often, cover is affordable and I noticed they have cool promos, I got my tickets online super easy! 10/10 🤩 - Diana R

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Great nightclub"

The decor and bank vault theme was super cool and the music and dance floor met all of our expectations. The bouncer at the door however seemed a little too on his high horse--one of my friends was told she was not allowed to enter because she presented her debit card rather than her ID. While I understand that this may have been interpreted the wrong way by the bouncer, it was a simple mistake as we were rushed to grab our IDs as we approached the line. This is a nightclub at the end of the day, perhaps the bouncers can lower their guard for small mishaps like this one. - Joey C.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Best bottle service in DTLA, hands down"

The environment was fun and active. Best bottle service I have ever had. I highly recommend anyone to check this out! - by Quentin P.

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